Why minimalism in web design is not a trend

Why minimalism in web design is not a trend

Minimalism is not a trend. Fusion Design

Fusion Design

A website needs a visual framework that gives it a timeless elegance and clear picture of the content in front of the user. Website trends come and go, but classic styles tend to hold through many web design themes. I don’t think I am the only one who is favoring simple minimalistic design.

Minimalism can be broken down into simple fundamentals such as the following:

Negative space

Commonly referred to as white space. In minimalist design, you’ll see this space often filled with vibrant colors or left as neutrals like black, white and grey.

High Definition Photos

Website users can better appreciate the stunning detail of HD photography with less clutter. A lot of times these photographs are behind copy and sometimes blurred to reveal the text.

Bold Typography

Typefaces in minimalist design are one of the few areas where some visual flourish is acceptable.


Contrast is created through a combination of unlike design elements. A bold strong typeface against a dark image or a white copy over a black background offer a reversed, high contrast. Although minimal, impactful.

Simple Navigation

A drop down menu would be considered complex for a minimal design, although it is often times necessary.  Likely you wil find a simple horizontal top-level menu and no right sidebar or centered menus.

Visual balance

The hierarchy of information is crystal clear and symetrical.

Why Do People Love Minimalism?

It’s easily utilized by responsive design frameworks.

Less content for browsers to process = faster load times.

Content is King! So your message is clear.

It is similar to many design ideas we see everyday such as commercial architecture, interior design and high fashion. We are comfortable with it.

In Conclusion

If you are considering a minimalist approach to your web design, consider not removing important elements just to be minimal. Rather think of how to emphaize content and elements that are important with the fundamentals above.

Here is a link to one of my most recent minimalist designs: mdimarketing.com