Instagram Hashtag Mistakes and Tips

Instagram Hashtag Mistakes and How to Fix Them

If your account does have some type of theme or is centered around a certain type of lifestyle then you’ll want to follow these Instagram hashtag


You have a hashtag for your business that you use regularly. That is great! Make sure you also include popular hashtags, that will result in your Instagram photos as well.  Try not to use more than 15 popular hashtags to your photo. You want to give your post  a chance to show up under a hashtag that does not get a new photo posted to it often.


Always post your hashtags in the comment section, under you photo. It will make your picture caption appear clean and professional.


Only post clear and interesting images or graphics. Instagram is all about aesthetics. You wouldn’t buy a photo that was blurry or out of focus so don’t post any pictures that are either.

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