How to Create Your Google Plus Business Page

How to Create Your Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus
Creating your Google Business Page
If you own a business, you should have a Google Plus Page. This will help control and manage your correct business listing information in Google search results including your physical address, phone number, website and other important company details.

1. Create Your Page!

Click here to Start – You will be asked to chose your type of business.

You can choose from the following:


This category is for physical establishments such as hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services, and more. Subcategories range from Home & Construction to Storage. This selection is perfect for local businesses as you can connect to your Google Places page (if applicable) to pull in your information, or you can enter it from scratch. The Local Business or Place Google+ page will show a map of your business on your page, an option that is not available on pages in other categories.

Brand or a Product

This category is for apparel, cars, electronics, financial services, and more. Subcategories range from Aerospace to Website.

Services Area

Do you not have a physical address or work from home? Maybe you work from you car. If you are offering a service to customers and not necessarily selling a product use this category type.



Next you will need to enter the name of your business as you display to the public, a valid url, and the type of business you are. If you do not have a domain name or a website, then skip that field. You will still be able to proceed to the next step.

2. Edit Your Page


Now you will see your Dashboard as shown above. This is not what your page looks like necessarily to the public. Select the top right button Edit. You will be taken to the public view. Hover over the elements of the page to edit your Profile picture on the far left. Upload your logo or photo in a square format so it fit’s the circular format Google provides. You can also upload a photo cover to replace the default image. Make sure you chose something relevant to your business or brand.

Edit All Fields

Select the Edit button at the bottom of any field to open the pop up box in which you can edit your company information. Instead of closing the box to edit the others, simply click one of the top 5 icons to navigate to the next field. Save your changes when you are happy with the content you have provided. You can always edit it later.


IMPORTANT – Your Contact Information Field

This important to know that when you are editing your Contact information, you can drop down to additional fields, not just your Phone Number. Most importantly when making sure your physical address displays is adding your address. This will help your business show up in Google Maps correctly.

Google Address

3. Update your Status

Just like Facebook, you can share your status and post the latest. Be sure to add a few public updates that will give visitors a preview of the kind of content they can expect from your page. Add text, upload a photo, video or link to your website. Status updates with an image will return more views.

Update your Google Status

4. Returning Home


Are you managing multiple Google Business, Personal, or other Google Accounts? You can always jump to the correct page by clicking the top right blue icon. It will drop down and show you all the pages and accounts you can manage.

And those are the basics of starting your Google Business Page. Remember to update your Business Page Status often, share your Google page on your other social media websites and website and keep your contact information up to date!

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