Google Will Soon Favor Mobile Websites

Google Will Soon Favor Mobile Websites

Google Search Favors Mobile Design

Have you ever landed on a website from your Google search results to find a design full of  text that was is too small to read without zooming in, links and menu items that had been placed too close together, or too small for your finger to select? It is frustrating to try to navigate web design that is not prepared or designed for your device. This is why Google has decided to add a “mobile-friendly” tag to its mobile websites and search results.

What Does This Mean For Your Website?

It means if you visit your website now on your phone and it is not responsive (responds to the width and resolution of your phone) then you will be forced to make a decision to redesign your website or risk not being favored in Google search results by your customers.

When Will This Happen?

Immediately! Google has recently stated that it would be implementing their new tag system to search results with immediate effect. This will make it much easier for everyone using mobile devices to find information they need quickly and most importantly, easily! It will however take a few weeks before it would be available on a global scale.

Redesign Your Website and Benefit

Once a site has managed to earn this attribution, Google has hinted that your website could look forward to being boosted well above sites that did not display the tag when it came to displaying relevant search results.

So, How Will I Attain This Attribution?

A website would be considered “mobile-friendly” if it is able to meet a specified set of criteria as detected by the Google bot. These include using text that is readable without having to be zoomed in on, avoiding software that is not mobile-friendly (such as Flash Player), placing clickable links far enough apart so that the correct one can be clicked on quickly and easily and sizing all of a site’s content according to the screen it is being displayed on, so users do not have to waste time zooming unnecessarily or scrolling horizontally to get through all of it.

Your website needs to be 100% accessible and usable on all forms of mobile devices, meaning all brands of phones. if you visit this website Mobile Test you can see how your website is viewed on several devices, and page by page.

Google has also stated that it sees these labels as the first step in a process have a better overall mobile internet experience.And you should see this change as the perfect time to assess your website and possibly redesign to make it mobile and tablet accessible!

Feel free to contact me and I can perform a free assessment of your current website to let you know if you are ready for this Google implementation. Fusion only builds responsive and mobile friendly web sites, so you will be ready for not just Google but being accessible from direct traffic a well.

Mary Lefkowski

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